Why have I been MIA?

This has been/is my life for Fall 2015:

  • teaching 16 credits at 3 colleges.  12 credits is FT in this part of the country, so I am basically working 1.33 FT status.
    • one college wants to arm campus security because of the UCC and other campus shootings, so I have been having to follow along and stand up for those of us who don’t want armed campus “police” in our safe learning spaces.
    • at another I am involved in a gender discrimination and general administration complaint.
    • at the third I am following/involved in getting a better contract for adjunct faculty.
    • I also logged over 23 hours of field time with students this term.  This figure does not include scouting field trips.
    • oh and I also flipped all of my classes!
  • then there is JT falling apart: An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together
    • a core group of us have come together to move forward.  Much love to the amazing individuals who have done more in less than 2 weeks than we ever did under the Justice Together (re-)brand.

Sooooo…yeah…lots of work to do!

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