A little about me…

I was born one of Gaia’s minions. It took too many years for me to come out of my introverted shell, but now that I have, I will stand up and fight for the Earth System and it’s inhabitants. If I have an opinion about something…you are likely to hear about it from me! 180px-Face-wink.svg

With that said, I should warn that I am all about TMI, I have no concept of censorship, and I swear like any good geoscientist does.

I have a BS in Geology from Oregon State University and an MS in Geology from Portland State University. I am a born and raised Oregonian, who currently lives in Salem, Oregon with my partner and our cat.

I have adjunct positions at Portland Community College, Linn-Benton Community College, and Chemeketa Community College, where I teach about Earth science, geology, oceanography, environmental sciences and resources, and environmental chemistry.

I love to learn and teach others about the Earth system. I am especially interested in the evidence for the origins of life…current global climate…the relationship between Earth and life aka global biogeochemistry…and in more recent years geomorphology.

Along with science…I am likely to discuss social issues such as politics, equality, racism, feminism, rape culture, mental health, and police brutality, among other topics.

I also love to travel, especially to see geology and find cool rocks and minerals….so it is likely you will read about and see pictures from some of these adventures.

Music is another passion of mine. For me life would be “flat” without music…I love and listen to many genres of music…and often go to the concerts of my faves! Expect some album and concert reviews or lyrics I identify with.

Since I love to spend time with my family and friends, cook, and grow organic vegetables & herbs…it is also highly likely I will share many fun times, healthy eating tips, recipes, and gardening tales as well.

I have always been an avid reader and recently returned to creative writing, so there are a few short stories and poems I plan to share here…along with updates on the erotic romance novel series I am in the progress of writing. 😉

As with the Earth…and my life…this blog is and will always be…a work in progress…

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